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The Attic Learning Centre



The overall aim of our marking students’ work is to raise the standard of each student’s achievements, to raise self esteem and promote the fulfilment of high expectations.


1. To provide motivation by acknowledging and praising achievement

2. To provide feedback on strengths and shortcomings in work

3. To provide guidance in relation to future learning and so contribute to raising achievement

4. To assess and record student progress

5. To provide a source of information to influence future teaching. 


Students' work will be marked in line with the learning objective for that session and will also be given verbally.

The staff at Attic have agreed to:

  1. Mark against the lesson objective. OM (objective met – use stamp when available) will be put if the young person has met the objective. If not met a discussion with the young person will take place.
  2. Put in a strength of the young person’s work.
  3. Put in an area for development/target. Make clear their next steps (indicated by an arrow).
  4. Put a stamp when you have discussed any area with the young person.

If a young person is sent to ISS this will be recorded and a note inserted if the work was completed or not completed. This will remain the responsibility of the teacher in charge of that lesson

For lessons eg art where the marking may spoil a piece of work a sheet will be provided to record the same marking comments.

We agreed not to mark work in black or red.

Agreed October 14

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